The Sex, Gender & Cannabis Hub was created by the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health (CEWH) in 2018, and funded by Health Canada’s Substance Use and Addictions Program until March, 2023.

We established the Hub to provide Canadians with reliable and up-to-date information on the intersections of sex, gender, and cannabis. The Hub is a virtual space where the information is curated for community advocates, service providers, researchers, and policymakers. This includes reports, infographics, webinars, journal articles, and more.

We developed the Hub by conducting ongoing reviews of emerging data and information on sex, gender and cannabis. We were particularly interested in filling persistent gaps in understanding cannabis and women’s health. These efforts included analyses of surveys, reviewing academic and grey literatures and collaborating with health care practitioners, substance use treatment providers and community-based advocates. A collaboration with the International Cannabis Policy Study enabled us to carry out sex and gender analyses of their ongoing survey on cannabis use. See

Together, these efforts filled the urgent need for data, information and knowledge about gendered rates of use and trends to watch for in Canada. Our priority remains to share emerging information on sex, gender and cannabis with a focus on gender transformative, equity oriented, harm reducing, and trauma-informed responses. We hope to update the Hub when funding permits. In the meantime, please send us your feedback, invitations to collaborate, or relevant articles.

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The Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health (CEWH) is a virtual research and knowledge exchange centre, collaborating with researchers, service providers, policy makers and community based advocates across Canada and internationally. The CEWH is known internationally for its wide-ranging sex and gender based analyses on a range of health and social issues, and its leadership in gender, equity and health. The CEWH is well known for leading collaborative research on addiction and substance use and its strong record in applying sex and gender principles in health policy, product regulation & health promotion. For more information about CEWH’s work, visit the website at