We have applied a sex, gender and equity based analysis to many of the surveys that capture prevalence and patterns of cannabis use. In order to tailor health promotion, prevention, support, treatment and policies on cannabis, it is important to understand prevalence and patterns of use disaggregated by sex and gender, at minimum. Analyzing use by various sub-populations (age, culture, race, sexuality, gender identity, location, income, etc.) is also important for tailoring responses that support safe use, prevention or treatment. Take a look at the resources below to learn about sex, gender and patterns of use.

Young and mixed ethnicity group having fun together outside, drinking, and passing a joint.


Bulletin 7: How do women and men report medical cannabis use? (English)
Bulletin 7: Comment les femmes et les hommes déclarent-ils leur consommation de cannabis médical? (Français)
Bulletin 6: What are men’s and women’s driving behaviours after cannabis use? (English)
Bulletin 6: Quels sont les comportements des hommes et des femmes qui conduisent un véhicule après avoir consommé du cannabis? (Français)
Bulletin 5: What routes of administration (ROAs) do women and men use? (English)
Bulletin 5: Quels modes d’administration (MA) utilisent les femmes et les hommes? (Français)
Bulletin 4: What substances are commonly used on the same occasion as cannabis? (English)
Bulletin 4: Quelles sont les substances couramment consommées avec du cannabis? (Français)
Bulletin 3: How do race and ethnicity affect patterns of use? (English)
Bulletin 3: En quoi la race et l’origine ethnique ontelles une incidence sur les habitudes de consommation? (Français)
Bulletin 2: How does sexual orientation affect patterns of use? (English)
Bulletin 2: En quoi l’orientation sexuelle a-t-elle une incidence sur les habitudes de consommation? (Français)
Bulletin 1: How do Men and Women Report Patterns of Use? (English)
Bulletin 1: Quelles sont les habitudes de consommation des hommes et des femmes? (Français)
Bulletin Methodology (English)
Méthodologie du Bulletin (Français)
Patterns of Use
Cannabis Use Disorder Research Summary (English)
Troubles de l’usage du cannabis Sommaire de Recherche (Français)
Post-Secondary Students’ Prevalence & Patterns of Cannabis Use Research Summary (English)
Taux de prévalence et habitudes de consommation de cannabis des étudiants et des étudiantes de niveau postsecondaire Sommaire de Recherche (Français)
Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Cannabis Use Research Brief (English)
Orientation Sexuelle, Identité de Genre et Consommation de Cannabis Aperçu de la Recherche (Français)
Gender Norms, Roles and Relations and Cannabis Use Patterns
Pauktuutit Literature Review on Cannabis Prevalence in Inuit Communities
Routes of Administration
Bulletin 5: What routes of administration (ROAs) do women and men use? (English)
The Ways Women Use Cannabis (English)
Façons dont les femmes consomment le cannabis (Français)
Sex, Gender and Routes of Administration: Patterns of Use
Sex, Gender and Cannabis Routes of Administration
Developing Equitable Approaches to Prevention, Harm Reduction and the Routes of Administration (ROAs)