The Sex, Gender & Cannabis Hub is designed to provide reliable and up-to-date tools and information that guide empowered health decisions, service provision, research, and policy. This includes reports, infographics, journal articles, fact sheets, and more. Take a look through our resources below to find information on a variety of topics related to sex, gender, equity and cannabis.

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Sex, Gender & Cannabis Hub Resource List
Why Women Use Cannabis (English)
Pourquoi les Femmes Consomment du Cannabis (Français)
The Ways Women Use Cannabis (English)
Façons dont les femmes consomment le cannabis (Français)
Some Alternatives to Using Cannabis to Cope with Stress (English)
Quelques Pistes Pour Faire Face au Stress Sans Cannabis (Français)
Sex, Gender and Equity Analyses
Sex Gender and Cannabis Report
Integrating Sex and Gender Informed Evidence into Your Practices
Cannabis Routes of Administration Toolkit
Doorways to Conversation: Brief Intervention on Substance Use with Girls and Women
New Terrain: Tools to Integrate Trauma and Gender Informed Responses into Substance Use Practice and Policy (English)
Terres nouvelles: Outils pour intégrer des interventions tenant compte du genre et des traumatismes dans les pratiques et les politiques en matière de consommation de substances (Français)
Methodology for the Sex, Gender & Cannabis Hub
Bulletin Methodology (English)
Méthodologie du Bulletin (Français)
Research Summary Methodology (English)
Méthodologie du Sommaire de Recherche (Français)